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Strategies to Survive, Revive and Thrive through a Crisis

How to leverage a crisis to build a thriving business.

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This free four-episode interactive instructional webinar series aims to show you how to:

Survive. Preserve the Core

Employee welfare

Protecting cashflow & stimulus packages

Preserving your customers

Apps to streamline your business

Revive. Pivot or Persevere?

What’s essential, applying the 80/20 rule

Waste reduction

• Customer engagement strategies

Developing a sales playbook

Thrive - Stimulate Growth

Quick online marketing wins

Case Study - A business-post COVID-19

• Leading change – Empowering your people

• Refining your client value proposition

• Embed adaptive thinking & planning processes

• Ready, Fire, Aim (yes, that order)

• Developing a business focus plan


• 60-minute limit

• Q&A


Jun 4, 4.30 pm

Jun 11, 4.30 pm

Jun 18, 4.30 pm

Jun 25, 4.30 pm


Live Online

Register: Register free here

Cannot make it this time? Just register above for the recordings.

Hosted by:

Anthony Mazza Wayne Schmidt Maria Mazza

Managing Partner Launched Xero Australia Partner

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