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Wherever you are on your wealth journey, these videos will help you to think about the little things that can help you achieve sweet success. In each video, Michael from Elston chats with us about a different stage, from starting out to starting down the path to retirement and everything in between.

Sweet tips for your wealth journey


Your career has begun

​Learn more about the wealth topics you should focus on during your first years in the working world:

  • Importance of compound interest

  • 10% Rule

  • Avoiding personal debt

  • Start the saving habit


Learn more about the wealth topics you should focus on when you get married.

  • Aligning your financial goals

  • Wills

  • Income protection

  • Superannuation

First Home

Let's explore key areas to consider when purchasing your first home and tips to reduce the debt and maximise your cash flow.

  • Engaging with a proactive broker

  • Insurance and asset protection

  • Repayments frequency and offset accounts

  • Managing cash flow using credit cards

Business Owner

  • Learn more about the wealth topics you should focus on when in business.

  • Building a plan

  • Company structure

  • Financial Acumen

  • Key Man Insurance

  • Business model

  • Exit strategy

First Child

Congratulations, and don't forget to get more Gelato for the new bambino.

  • School fees

  • Update wills

  • Superannuation

  • Budgeting on reduced salaries

  • Reassess goals

Empty Nesters

Time to let your bambino(s) buy their gelato.

  • Downsizing

  • Planning for retirement

  • SMSFSuccession planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Reaccess goals


So should we spend the kid's inheritance on gelato?

  • Managing generational wealth

  • Wills

  • What you'll do

  • Spend the inheritance?

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