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The Adviceberg

What people think a financial adviser does and what they do, are often two very different things.

At Elston, we call this the adviceberg effect. At the tip of the adviceberg, people might see just one aspect of our work, e.g. investments. But below the surface, there’s so much more.

A Financial Adviser can be there to guide you through your personal or family goal setting. An Adviser can help you manage your cash flow. They can help provide structure to reduce tax. An Adviser can help you picture the impact of different scenarios, so it’s easier to weigh up big decisions. They can be a sounding board through tough times. They can help you to protect your assets, prepare for the day you sell your business, create a legacy for future generations. And yes, they can help you to invest and accumulate wealth too.

All of these things add up to the most important thing an adviser can provide, and that’s peace of mind.



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