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JobKeeper Application Process

The latest issue of planning for growth with Maria & Anthony is now out.

JobKeeper Enrolment

- JobKeeper Scheme applies from 30 March to 30 September

- Enrolment forms are now online

- Employers need a myGovID, which is different from a myGov account

- Must be an eligible employer or sole trader with an ABN

- Nominate that a 30% decline in revenue or will have a decrease in future revenue

- It’s the group revenue, not the individual entity which is a change

- It’s a wage subsidy

- The information you supply needs to be accurate

- Select the employees and the months of the impact or expected impact

- If you are on Single Touch Payroll, will assist with the reporting

- March might not see a decline in revenue; however, April could be the month that sees the decline in revenue

- Devil in the detail, some nuisances in the enrolment process

- Penalties apply for making a false or misleading statement

Residential Tenancy Laws

- Encourage tenants and landlords to communicate

- Biased towards tenants

- Measurement is tenant income is impacted by 25% or more.

- This is a deferral, not rental abatement

- Existing matters will not be processed for the next 60 days from NCAT tribunal

- Not taking on any new cases for the next 60 days to NCAT tribunal

- The landlord cannot take action for three months

- Can apply for a land-tax wavier (must be passed on dollar for dollar)

- Landlords can ask the tenant to validate the income reduction

- This is a six-month provision

- Reach out to your managing agent

NSW Government State Grants

- Open from 17 April, closes 27 April

- Needs a minimum turnover of $75K

- Requires a 75% decline in revenue

- Information needs to provided by your accountant

- Most recent BAS statement, plus first two weeks of April, to assess the 75% drop in revenue

- $10K would help with cash flow management,

- Make sure you apply

We know that the JobKeeper process is quite daunting, and we would love to help make it easier for you. We are offering the following service:

Click here for Mazzcorp to manage the process for you.



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