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How to change accountants

Do you get tired of chasing your accountant, or do you have a better relationship with your hairdresser?

Well, it's time to change.

The process is straightforward.

Find a new accounting firm is quite easy and, more importantly, straightforward to change.

How do you select a new accountant?

  • How does the accountant work with you – face to face, virtual?

  • What technology does the accountant use?

  • What are their qualifications and professional associations?

  • Does the accountant charge by the hour or by the value that they provide?

  • Do you know the price you will be charged before or after the result is achieved?

  • What experience has the accountant had – is it in your industry?

  • What is the overall focus of the work the accountant will be doing for you?

The actual change process

  1. Find the new accountant.

  2. Tell your existing accountant your changing (it's purely optional; sometimes the relationship has just broken down)

  3. Get your new accountant to write to your old accountant.



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