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We Are Hiring

Our boutique firm in Parramatta is looking for an awesome Senior Accountant.

Want to make that next big career step?

Are you looking to gain more interaction with clients and play a bigger part in a firm?

Build on your existing proven soft and technical skills. Be mentored and work closely with the partners of the firm.

We have a great client base that expects more than just compliance to be delivered from our firm.

It's your chance to have a significant impact on the lives of our clients.

As we're a full-service accounting firm with a strong belief that it's about the people.

We endeavour to ensure we get to understand the people behind the businesses.

So that we can build business success strategies that align with their personal and business goals.

We're not micromanagers, and we'll give you the autonomy and scope to grow and build your profile within a boutique firm.

It's a small and diverse team that has a real passion for getting the job done, having a real work-life balance, and ensuring that everyone can be allowed to shine.

Our door is always open, and we offer flexible working conditions.

So maybe this is your time to step back into the industry or play a more active part in a boutique firm.

Now is the time to change.



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