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Building a Post-COVID-19 Management Plan

Tired of JobKeeper? So are we.

Maria & Anthony talk about building a post-COVID-19 management plan.

Start focusing on a positive exit strategy post-COVID-19.

Putting COVID-19 into perspective, there was no warning with COVID-19 compared to an economic recession.

COVID-19 is a health issue that has economic impacts—the opportunity is to review and understand what we have learnt from this situation and action that learning.

Weaknesses are magnified.

  • Structure

  • Working capital

  • Supply lines

  • Stock levels, 'just in time', drop shipment

  • Employee numbers

  • Cash flow

  • Budgets

  • Target markets

  • Redefining service markets

We all know why budgets are so important, especially post COVID-19.

The need for a framework and strategy to run a leaner business.

What are your plans to hit the ground running?

Immediate plan - What is keeping you up at night?

Moving forward - Managing what is ahead of us.

Develop a growth strategy - Opportunity to gain market share

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Anthony has created a framework to prepare your business post-COVID-19.

Book in time let Anthony discuss how to apply this framework to your business.

Finally, some updates on JobKeeper (Anthony could not help himself).

JobKeeper Scheme

  • Wages paid for April by the 8 May will be included in the JobKeeper payments for April.

  • If you want your payment for April, you can still enrol by 31 May

NSW Grant Scheme

  • Now extended to 1 June

  • Already we have several clients who have registered

NSW Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct

  • Amendments to the NSW legislation on or around the 11 May that will help guide in the negotiations

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