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Mature Age Digital Nomads

Our friends share their experience of travelling and flying internationally during the pandemic.

This week we chatted with Sal & Wayne Schmidt to listen to their travel stories from the past 18 months.

Sal & Wayne are both Australian mature aged full-time travellers, whilst working remotely as our mentor and marketing team from all parts of the world. They have been following their dream to travel the world since 2017.

Sal & Wayne's Travel Tips

  • Use, a great travel app to help you navigate the restrictions and entry requirements (of course, double-check with the local government sites for the most up to date info).

  • Don't be afraid to look outside the box and travel to new parts of the world, avoiding the mainstream destinations. You will find they are much more relaxed, lenient and welcome you to be their guest in their country.

  • Most of the world is open to Australia, not just the countries the media are recommending. Do your research.

  • Don't be afraid to travel. The reality is far from the media perception.

Amid the pandemic, Sal & Wayne have travelled from Morocco to Tunisia, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey.



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