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Life stage: Your career has begun

Welcome to the first of our monthly series on how important your wealth journey is based on each stage of your life.

This month we focus on the life stage where your career has begun.

Insights with Michael Kahric, a wealth adviser at Elston, our strategic wealth partner.

Learn more about the wealth topics you should focus on during your first years in the working world:

  • Importance of compound interest

  • 10% Rule

  • Avoiding personal debt

  • Start the saving habit

Key takeaways

  • The earlier you start, the better the outcome

  • Spend less than you earn

  • Put money aside

  • Invest and grow your wealth

  • Avoid consumer debt

If you need a sounding board, we're always here to talk and happy to help make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Anthony Mazza

Managing Director



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