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What if something good happens in the world every time we do business together?

That's one of our core values at Mazzcorp; we had the pleasure of interviewing Billy Gorter from This Life Cambodia, one of the B1G1 Worthy Causes we support.

Billy once asked a young boy what he wanted to be when he was older, to which he replied: “Next life I would like to be a doctor, this life, I have no hope. I had to drop out of school in grade six.”

Billy shares his inspiring story and how he helped this child and others in similar situations get an education and fulfil their dreams.

Below is one of the award-winning videos that This Life Cambodia produces, produced on a shoestring budget.

Our mission at Mazzcorp is to improve our client's profits. SO THAT we can improve the lives of others. Why? Because what we do, says who we are.



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