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JobKeeper & Commercial Leasing Update

Maria & myself talk through:


Rules and guidelines job keeper scheme updated 15 April

  • Basic and alternate test criteria for suitability to receive JobKeeper

  • Must Register 20 April via ATO portal (myGov) or via your accountant, not just interest as previously mentioned

  • Updated documentation that is required to be issued by the employer and signed by the employee

  • One in, all in, rule clarification

Commercial Leases

Update on mandatory code of conduct for commercial leasing updated 13 April

  • States will administer the code

  • 14 Leasing principles covered in the code of conduct

  • Now refers to JobKeeper eligibility program

  • Financial Metrics from JobKeeper to be utilised in the code

  • Rent waiver, rent deferral, lease extension consideration

  • In the Binding Mediation process, the mediator will apply the code of conduct principles


Don’t forget state-based grants, and for example, registrations for NSW open on 17 April.

Let’s focus on our end game point and work on the plan and strategy.

Book a meeting with me for your go-forward plans.



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