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JobKeeper 2.0

A quick check-in this week, talking about:

JobKeeper 1.0 will remain till 27 September 2020 and thereafter, JobKeeper 2.0 will continue for a further six months till 28 March 2021.

The temporary JobSeeker coronavirus supplement will be extended to 31 December 2020.

From 28 September 2020:

  • a two-tier payment rate will apply based on the worker’s average weekly work hours in February 2020;

  • the current $1,500 per fortnight payment rate will be reduced on 28 September 2020 and reduced further on 4 January 2021;

  • the decline in turnover will be retested on a quarterly basis; and

  • the decline in the turnover test will be based on actual GST turnover.

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